Who Is Nick Storm?

Nick Storm is a leading innovator highly motivated results oriented and sales expert with 20 years of accomplished experience within the highly competitive wine and spirits industry. He’s responsible for building some of the world’s largest brands within the industry.

Nick Storm has developed marketing strategies that led to millions of impressions driving both digital impact and physical sales. He is highly motivated, results oriented and is an expert lifestyle marketing.

Nick Storm provides Brand Consultation, Motivational Speaking and unparalleled marketing strategies.

Nick Storm is known by the top celebrities including music artists, actors and athletes. He can walk into any club and receive a personal greeting from club owners and restaurant owners alike.

Nick Storm’s experience and knowledge of the business can not be matched. Nick would take event and promotions like they were games. No one loves this business more than Nick Storm.

Nick Storm is an award winning New York native ready to spread his knowledge, empower brands and create an impact like never before.  Through strategic partnerships and vested experience, Nick Storm is the one to make you stand out from your competitors.

With over 25 million cases sold and over a half of billion of sales, Nick Storm is the leader of promotions in the Spirits industry.

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